One-stop, comprehensive Service

Able Immigration provides comprehensive services for students who wish to study, live, find guardians, boarding at a kiwi family, change course or education provider, work placement, or permanently reside.
Life in NZ: Never hesitate to ask for help in case of emergency, it is free of charge on our clients. Other costs may apply like rescue costs, and will be notified.
Parents liaison: Contact parents on a regular basis. Advise parents about how students getting on in their studies and lives. Its free of charge on our clients.
Guardian Services: Able Immigration Service provides guardian service to students under years of age with 20% off for the weekly expense.To make more involved in kiwi context, Able holds international students connections on a regular basis.  Also, we provide free commuting services to parents who come to visit their children studying in Auckland and Hamilton areas.
Change course or education provider: Free for student applicants onshore.
Homestay service: Free service to contact a suitable homestay family to ensure your stay in New Zealand is enjoyable.
Work/ residence visa: Once find a job basing on a New Zealand qualification or job offer or other, Able Immigration Service assist to lodge work visa applications and further work to residence visa applications with a 30% off.